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Our Equipments

At Eye Focus, we have a wide range of diagnostic equipments to
thoroughly assess your eyes, including:

  • optical coherence tomographer (OCT)to take cross sectional images of the retina and anterior chamber. These measurements help with early detection of retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, macula diseases, as well as glaucoma.
  • digital fundus photography to screen for retinal diseases and monitor change.
  • visual field analyser to detect glaucoma
  • corneal topographer for contact lens fitting and to
    detect corneal diseases
  • Binocular indirect ophthaloscope for ocular health
    check (at posterior pole of the eye)
  • Slit lamp fundoscopy for ocular health check (at
    posterior pole of the eye)
  • tonometer to check the intraocular pressure of the
  • Remote tracer to order directly from labs such
    as HOYA
  • Patternless edger for fast and reliable spectacle
    lens fitting
  • and more!!!